We Have to Elect It to See What’s in It

A Commentary by Tea Party Patriot

Once again it is an election year and the hordes of political candidates are spending millions on a simple message “I’m one of you, I’m sane; vote for me”.   And every election the people set about the fool’s errand of picking the cream of the crop from among the liberal bedlam inmates, only to find out after they’re elected that they’re nuttier than a fruitcake and that their pre-election rhetoric and mantras were learned by political party rote.

And yet we continue to vote for these party hacks and political party anointed candidates with the expectation of a conservative outcome and that by definition is insanity.  Our excuse is that we have no other choice.  Garbage in garbage out.

As Conservatives we are told by the Republican Party that they share our values and principles.  That’s what they say and then they give us milk toast moderates of the RINO persuasion who once elected raise our taxes, increase our national debt, make no effort to secure our borders, sponsor “comprehensive immigration reform” (amnesty), vote to destroy our Constitutional liberties and impoverish us while playing wink and nod politics and slap and tickle with the uber-rich ruling elite and Congressional pages, respectively.

And now comes the right honorable Nancy Pelosi (for God’s sake) telling Republican’s they should take back their party.  You did notice she didn’t say conservatives or ‘teabaggers’?  Was that a Freudian slip or is it because it is common knowledge, even among the liberals that conservatives have no voice in the Republican Party?  More likely it’s because she recognizes that the Republican Party has made a conscious decision to move to the left in order to remain competitive in the political arena.

What does naughty Nancy know that Conservatives don’t?  Does she see the “etch a sketch” flip-flopping strategy adopted by the Republican Party as more of a threat to the Democrat voter base than Conservative values and principles?  Does she recognize what most Conservatives don’t; that those values and principles are not even in play?  

Partisan politics is not about ideology; it’s all about winning.  There is no right or left, there is only power, what they have to do to get that power and the wealth that it creates for the ruling elite of both parties.  The politics of incest.  The same keep it in the family, inbred regimes that ruled the European continent through inter-marriage and monarchies for hundreds of years.  Is a Clinton in hand really more valuable to her (or you) than two in the bush?  How obvious should it be, (even to conservatives), that the same names keep popping up in power positions?  Can there be any doubt which families are presently pulling the strings behind the political curtain?   What does naughty Nancy know that conservatives don’t?  She knows that she has a voice and a choice and you don’t.  She can vote for either left leaning political party and through the inevitability of gradualism, the left and Pelosi win because the right has no dog in that fight.  

The only choice conservatives have is to vote for the left or the ‘left-er’.  The Republican Party has made it abundantly clear that they do not want or need the participation of conservatives in their party.  They consider us an embarrassment, much like a redheaded bastard stepchild who is to be kept in the basement and only allowed out in election years and only then if they can be trusted to vote the way they are instructed.  

From inception, the conservative TEA Party people were greeted with all of the enthusiasm reserved by the Republican Party elite for the hungry, special needs child dressed in dirty ‘hop-along Cassidy’ pajamas, up from the basement to barge in on the black tie dinner party begging for scraps from Rolex hands while wearing a sign around their neck that reads; “please don’t feed the conservative idiot”.  Perhaps by the grace of God and divine intervention, even a blind hog (naughty Nancy) will still find an acorn now and then.  

Conservatives, but not Republicans, do need to find their way out of the basement, grow a set and take their party and their country back from the left and left-er.  Don’t vote for the incumbent, don’t vote for either party’s anointed candidate and don’t vote for the career politician.  And if you don’t have any other choice, at least have sense enough to recognize that both party’s destinations are all same, same and you’re just going along for the ride and you’re going to relegated to the back of the bus all the way unless you make something change.

And the only way that you can do that, absent a REAL conservative choice, is to stay in the basement and watch cartoons on Election Day. That is what will upset the status quo, (the politics as usual ruling elite) because that’s the one day they want you out of the basement.  That’s the one day you’re allowed to participate in their prime directive, which is winning.  

And what difference does it make to you?  You lose either way.  You will have no voice and no choice again in the next election because you are allowing yourself to be marginalized, isolated, used and abused all in the name of party loyalty, and YOUR values, principles and a Conservative political ideology that presently only exists in the basement and will remain there as long as the champagne party upstairs continues uninterrupted.

Here’s a conservative warning, that party will continue until they run out of your money or someone turns off the lights.  Here’s something you should know; the main electrical breaker box is located in the basement and all you have to do is move that big lever to the off position.

That’s the one with the three letters.  And what difference does it make to you? You’re already in the dark?  And who knows, in the darkness and the BS rich environment, Conservatives might even be able to grow a set and find their way upstairs.  Wouldn’t that be great?  And thank you for your insight, naughty Nancy.