Allison Sherry, the Democrat blogger for The Denver Post, will jump at the first opportunity to write a damaging story for Republicans, while pretty much only pumping out fluff for Democrats. It's a shame because it's killing The Denver Post's brand. We get more email complaining about her coverage than any other reporter in Colorado, combined.

You don't have to take our word for it, a guest author drew out Sherry's blinding bias in a damning quantitative analysis

According to the analysis, since the end of 2010, Sherry has written 50 tweets that are positive for Senator Michael Bennet, and 0 that are negative. 50-0

The best case in point recently — she has yet to pen a single Spot post, tweet or article on incumbent Boulder Congressman Jared Polis's insider trading scandal.

Not a word.

A member of the Colorado Congressional delegation, who Sherry is ostensibly supposed to cover, gets caught making investments in healthcare companies he was in charge of regulating during the Obamacare debate, and Sherry ignores it.

Even the head of a national left wing group called Polis's insider trading "inappropriate." 

Polis's insider trading, coupled with allegations of similar acts on both sides of the political aisle, generated enough fear in Congress that a bill banning insider trading in Congress suddenly went from six to 200+ cosponsors mere days after a 60 Minutes report detailing the allegations were aired.

60 Minutes thought it was important enough to cover. But the late Mike Wallace, Allison Sherry is not. 

Barack Obama even included mention of the bill banning insider trading, the STOCK Act, in the State of the Union and tried to fundraise off it. 

Still, nothing worth writing about, according to Sherry. 

Yet she found it important to re-cover the Foster Friess fundraiser for the Larimer GOP. Like much of Sherry's recent reporting, the story was already covered in the Post, three days prior. 

Since Sherry covers DC we can't figure why recently she has taken to covering Larimer GOP fundraisers and anti-Scott Tipton billboards in Grand Junction. Actually, we can figure it out. 

Sherry has a clear partisan agenda. One that is totally and completely inappropriate for a Denver Post reporter

Maybe Sherry should get back to the beat she was assigned and cover one of the more damning scandals for a Member of Congress from Colorado in a long time. 


For readers who want to know what's actually going on in DC with their Congressional delegation, read Mark Stricherz at The Colorado Observer.