You could see this political train wreck barreling down the tracks a mile away. In February, State Representative and CD6 candidate Joe Miklosi ditched his House district in Denver to move to Aurora where he is running for Congress. That's a political double whammy, with Miklosi coming off as not only a carpetbagger, but someone who ditches his current constituents in search of greener pastures.

Reports The Colorado Observer's Tyler Sandberg:

DENVER – State Representative and Congressional candidate Joe Miklosi is under fire for skipping town.  

In a press release today, conservative group Compass Colorado called on Miklosi to resign his House seat for moving outside of the district he represents in the Legislature for his Congressional campaign. [Peak emphasis]

Rep. Miklosi (D-Denver) currently represents Denver-based House District 9 in the State House, but he recently moved to Aurora to run for Congress in the 6th Congressional district.  

Colorado law only specifies that legislators or legislative candidates live in the district for the 12 months preceding the election. That means Miklosi’s move to Aurora is legal, even if it’s not entirely politically advantageous.

Yes, what Miklosi has done by ditching his district is technically legal, but is there a worse message you can send to future constituents than by ditching your current ones?

While some folks may be quick to make the comparison to former Congressman Bob Beauprez who moved into the newly formed CD7 in 2002, Ernest Luning of the Colorado Statesman notes the distinct differences between the two cases:

With Miklosi missing an increasing amount of time at the Capitol for his lackluster fundraising efforts, yet another story about Miklosi's lack of attention to his current district and constituents is not a good one. 

It's clear to most observers that Miklosi is going to lose his race against Congressman Mike Coffman. The question now is how big of a blowout it's going to be. 

With the continued strategic brilliance of the Miklosi campaign, who knows how bad it could be on the night of November 6.