Sources tell the Peak that Congressman Cory Gardner raised at least $282,000 in the first fundraising quarter of 2012, leaving him with a substantial $870,000 cash on hand. Gardner's CD4 opponent, Senate President Brandon Shaffer, has yet to release his fundraising total.

While Gardner was the largest fundraiser in previous quarters, after redistricting his district became a safe Republican seat, leaving less of a reason to stockpile large quantities of cash. Our sources tell us Gardner used his fundraising prowess this quarter to help other Republican candidates instead. 

The fact that Shaffer hasn't released his fundraising total is telling. Last quarter Shaffer raised an embarrassing $112,000 and had a mere $165,000 in cash on hand. With Q1 of 2012 being the first full quarter where CD4 was a completely safe Republican seat, we're betting Shaffer's total will be equally as embarrassing. 

It's beginning to look like the Democrats got spanked across the board this quarter in the fundraising department. Thankfully for them, their personal sugar momma Pat Stryker is probably more than glad to fill that gap with her inheritance.