A Commentary by Tea Party Patriot

Our government has a spending problem.  Both political parties are addicted to spending.  That’s the status quo.  You know it and I know it. And we also know that liberals and moderates cannot and will not “fix” that problem.  That will require a conservative.  

While both parties have been in power, the problem has only gotten worse.  We’ve tried liberals and we’ve tried moderates.  What we haven’t tried is a true conservative, since Reagan.  Why? Because the parties control your choices, and neither party will nominate a conservative.  Isn’t that clear to you by now?  Conservatives always end up right where they are today, being told that the Republican anointed candidate is their lesser of two evils choice; even thought that nominee is not a true conservative and therefore cannot and will not do anything substantive about the spending problem.  

We have a very limited window of opportunity to do what is necessary to prevent our nation, (our people) from going bankrupt.  You saw the chaos in Greece, you are about to see it in Italy and Spain.  In the entire European Union, you’ve seen their currency devalue and you’ve seen the same with the American dollar.  

So how do we elect a conservative?  First we have to create a conservative choice that we can vote for and we don’t have time to do that through a third party.  America’s only hope is to motivate the Republican Party to nominate a real Conservative very soon.  Now you know the liberals aren’t going to do that, and you know that the Republicans won’t do that as long as they have your conservative vote without doing that.  Why should they? And if they don’t, what difference does it make who you vote for?  You’re going to end up with a bankrupt nation.

Every election, Conservatives keep voting for non-conservatives and our problems get worse. And bankruptcy is not the lesser of two evils choice if you cast a vote that will make bankruptcy inevitable.  That’s no choice at all.  I know it isn’t easy.  Conservatives are loyal, practical and intelligent people.  We want to believe that the Republican Party has America’s best interest at heart, but the truth is; they only care about the same thing that the Democrats care about and that’s winning, or more accurately, not losing.  That’s the power trip; the status quo.

If Conservatives go along to get along we guarantee the same milk-toast moderate, lesser than two evils choice into perpetuity.  And we haven’t got perpetuity.  We may not even have until the next election.  We’re between a rock and a hard place and we’re right up against it.  We have to do something quick to make the Republican Party understand that if we don’t have their cooperation in providing the people with a conservative choice, then we might as well vote for the Democrat.  The results will inevitably be the same.  

This is not the decision conservatives want.  It’s what we’re stuck with and the Republican Party has it within their power to change that.  And if they refuse, it’s up to us to motivate them.  

Now I know and you know that as conservatives we’re not going to vote for Barack Obama.  That’s just too bitter a pill to swallow, so what can we do?  We can show the Republican Party that they need our conservative votes to win elections and that in order to get those votes; they must give us a voice and a Conservative choice.  

How do we do that? We go to the polls and we vote in every race where we have a conservative choice and in those races where we don’t, we abstain.  We just don’t vote in those races.  And then we point out that the margin of victory or defeat correlates with the number of conservative voters.

That, my conservative friends, is the lesser of two evils choice because it is a message that cannot be misunderstood.  If not now, when?  If not us, who? When will we be stronger that we are in this election?  

Do it and next time you will have a conservative choice. Do it not and there may not be a next time.    Yeah, it’s that important.