The State Senate Democrat aide, Peter Smith, who was arrested by Secret Service for throwing a glitter bomb at Mitt Romney has now apologized for threatening his security. Displaying his excellent PR skills, Smith did his apology tour interview with CBS4 wearing an Obama t-shirt.

See the CBS4 interview here:

As soon as we at the Peak broke the news that Smith worked for Brandon Shaffer's Senate Democrat caucus down at the Capitol, Colorado Democrats were scrambling to seek distance from the glitter bomber. 

That was a difficult proposition, considering he was hired to work for them.

Smith makes it even harder for them with his most recent interview by wrapping himself in the proverbial Obama flag. 

CBS4 reports that some of the charges filed against Smith were dropped, but he pled guilty to disturbing the peace. 

As much as we don't condone the public defecation of Occupiers on public land and the glitter bombing antics of Peter Smith, they do provide a healthy reminder of the wingnuts that drive left wing activism. In that light, we thank them for their public service.