A coalition of left wing groups are gearing up today, Tax Day, to protest…in support of taxes. We say keep it up. The day of the year when virtually everyone becomes a right-wing anti-government zealot, after they realize how deep Uncle Sam is reaching into their pocket, is probably not the best day to show your undying love of taxes.

The left wing is so out of touch with everday Americans that a tax policy analyst at the Liberal Loon's Fiscal Policy Center wrote a Denver Post Op-Ed today saying she is "happy to pay taxes today."

Funny, that's the exact same sentiment we heard yesterday at our tax advisor's office.

Everywhere we look people are skipping down the street, overjoyed about the government taking their hard earned money.

There's even a hashtag on Twitter to share your joy about paying taxes. A collection mostly of left wing activists and liberal special interest organizations are tweeting up a storm bragging about how they are #proudtopay.

Go ahead, liberals, let your freak flags fly. Swing voters, the ones who actually decide elections, think you're nuts.

If common sense didn't deter groups like MoveOn.org, Colorado Progressive Coalition and public sector unions from protesting in support of taxes, especially tax "fairness," one might think polls showing "fairness" being a lock stock loser would.

A recent poll by Third Way, a centrist think tank, found that swing voters prefer the concept of "opportunity" to that of "fairness" by staggering 85-15 gap.  

Yet Obama and the Left keep repeating the mantra about fairness and paying your fair share.

We say again, don't let our sarcasm deter you.