Ed Perlmutter likes to paint himself as the man of the people, while his campaign and allies hypocritically rip on Joe Coors Jr for belonging to the same country club that Perlmutter did (at least until his wife won the membership in their divorce). Now the Perlmutter "man of the people" image is coming under scrutiny.

The most recent Federal Election Commission (FEC) filing for Perlmutter's fundraising in the first quarter of 2012 shows nearly $24,000 spent on multiple swanky trips to Vail, including over $9,000 spent just at the Four Seasons.

Those are just the kind of trips that the hard working citizens of Jefferson County take all the time. Who in JeffCo isn't a preferred guest at the Four Seasons in Vail?

Digging into Coors's and Perlmutter's fundraising reports is illuminating.

Liberals are crying about Coors donating to himself, though you won't hear a peep about that when Jared Polis does it. Which is shocking considering Coors donated about $200k to his campaign, whereas Polis wrote himself checks totaling over $7 million.

Yet when you actually look at where the donations come from it begins to develop a narrative Democrats in Colorado aren't going to like.

From individuals, Coors raised $230,730. Perlmutter raised only $161,788. So where did Perlmutter get all of his money?

Special interest PACs.

Perlmutter got $202,000 from PACs. Coors got $1,000.

In fact, this cycle Perlmutter has raised more money from PACs ($714,793) than he has individuals ($531,618)!

Normally incumbents draw more from PACs than challengers, but in Colorado all Democrat Congressional candidates rely on special interest money.

Take Sal Pace. In his first fundraising quarter, PACs represented 23% of his total. For Brandon Shaffer, it was 22%. Joe Miklosi took the prize with 36% of his funds coming from PACs. 

When those three Democrats' opponents were challengers themselves what they raised from PACs represented less than 0.5% (Tipton), 3% (Gardner) and 0.8% (Coffman).

The question worth asking is why do Perlmutter and Democrats rely so heavily on special interest money?