We reported yesterday on a poll commissioned by a non-profit set up by Denver Mayor Michael Hancock not being released. A source of ours said the poll was being kept private due to the low approval ratings of Mayor Hancock — allegedly 46% overall, with Hancock under 40% with women. Since we reported on the poll, to the best of our knowledge, Mayor Hancock has not been asked about the alleged results or the reason why the results haven't been released.

Mayor Hancock has had a rocky relationship with the Denver press corps, with a history of not being entirely forthcoming on matters not necessarily flattering.

That's partly why this alleged poll hiding is interesting, as it feeds into the narrative of Hancock not being very transparent and cagey about issues he can't control. 

But there also exists the possibility that Hancock's team tried to pull a fast one on The Denver Post.

Hancock's handlers were keen to let the people of Denver know they were seeking their opinion, which is why it appears they pitched the Post's Jeremy Meyer to write an article about the poll they were fielding. That wasn't smart political strategy, as they didn't know what results the poll might yield.

If a newspaper reports on the fielding of a poll, they are necessarily going to want to follow up on the results of said poll. 

Well, what were the results? No one seems to know for sure because Hancock has yet to release them.

We know the mainstream media is apt to ignore allegations on political blogs, but they should remember that we have a track record of being right when it comes to these things. 

Remember when we reported that rumors were circulating that Brandon Shaffer was looking at switching Congressional races from CD4 to CD6? The only mainstream media response to that was Eli Stokols of Fox31 tweeting that an unnamed Dem strategist, who we later learned was Shaffer advisor Craig Hughes, said the rumor was "Total BS. Not happening."

A month later, Lynn Bartels of The Denver Post reported that Shaffer was polling in CD6 to determine his chances. Before that report came out, Shaffer called the Peak liars to the Colorado Statesman in an interview. Unfortunately for Shaffer the Statesman prints weekly, and by the time the article was published it was Shaffer with egg on his face as it was clear we were right in our report. 

As we haven't seen the Hancock poll with our own eyes, we're not prepared to lay our credibility on the line, but we're hoping the media digs into this story.

Not that we won't gloat if and when the poll results leak out to a mainstream media reporter, but we hope we don't have to. Denver media, call Hancock's office.