Is this the “United States of America” or the “People's Republic of America”? Back in the “bad old days” of State's Rights, communications were at a snail's pace. It was really hard for one part of the country to really know what was going on in another, even though many more people told the truth, back then. Even the truth had to go on horseback. The lack of communication led to conflict over slavery. The Civil War started the trend for a more powerful Federal government, and as communications speeded up, power tended to centralize in Washington, since that's what so many were working to accomplish, anyway.

In our modern world where video of distant events is commonplace and you can email from Alaska to Florida in seconds, we have a golden opportunity to return the power to the States, under the watchful eyes of the good citizens of all the several States. We can once again limit the Federal government strictly to its Constitutional bounds, and if any evil majority in some State ever tries to legalize some evil practice like slavery or Jim Crow laws, we have the collective citizenry to tell each other about it, and if necessary, immediately bring down shame on the offenders at the national level. That way the people in each State can live however they want, without Federal interference, and the competition between the States will again show the country the best practices in government. Any changes the States make would be voluntary, not mandated Federally. Why don't we try liberty and the balance of power again, for a change?

Americans are quick to adopt anything proven to be better. They're also quick to react to moral criticism. But for God's sake, let's start telling each other the truth again! Remember DDT? It worked wonders on killing bugs until we discovered it was killing bald eagles. Then we “threw the baby out with the bathwater” and banned its manufacture and use, nationally. That was a defacto worldwide ban. As a result, millions of Africans died of malaria. The same mindset that gave us our failed Prohibition experiment on alcohol is continuing the obviously failed War on Drugs. Do we never learn?

At least half of the problems our country is experiencing are the direct result of epidemic unwed pregnancy and the poverty, stunted social development and crime that it leads to. Too bad the public schools have Federal mandates that prevent them from telling teen-aged girls that they'd be better off to get married. That's insane. We can start reform by stopping the National Education Association from turning our children into secular humanists, via the Federal Dept. of Education and its mandates. It's a communist plot. Abolish that department and tell everyone you know to advise the States to participate in a a nationwide campaign to teach our children why it's better to wait until they're married before they have sex. Then maybe we'd have a real chance to reduce and possibly even eliminate poverty. The way things are now, there's hope of doing that. There's always hope, but there's no chance. Not unless we change things.

The culture of our nation is too important to be left to the federal government and national media. Americans need to start taking responsibility for the country we live in, starting with their own State. Let's give ourselves a chance to do that.  Let's give the power back to the States by putting the leash of the Constitution back on the Federal government, and teach it to heel, as we would a beloved and useful, but disobediant dog.