With Barack Obama coming back to Colorado tomorrow for his latest campaign event funded by taxpayer dollars, we thought it would be illuminating to take a look back at another Obama campaign visit. In 2006, Obama, who was then just a US Senator known primarily for a speech he gave at the Democrat National Convention in 2004, came to campaign for then-candidates Ed Perlmutter and Bill Ritter in Aurora.

Only weeks after giving the speech in Colorado Obama made the decision to run for President. 

Video of that visit made its way into our inbox this morning via three YouTube videos. Check out a clip here: (Part Two, Part Three)

A more professionally shot and full version of the speech can be found here.

The sections of the speech highlighted below are from the full version of the speech. (click here)

The speech provides a fascinating look at Obama when he could pass the blame onto another President for economic troubles and high gas prices. 

But the more things change, the more they stay the same. 

Back in 2006, just as in 2012, Obama was a fan of flaming conspiracy theories about high gas prices. In 2012, he refuses to take blame for the results of his failed energy policy and instead blames oil speculators. But in 2006, he claimed that right after the election, gas prices would drop, insinuating the President had plenty of control over gas prices. 

Obama on gas prices:

Obama: And then they look at energy. One of the things I'm most pleased about all across the country, despite the fact that gas prices have gone down, folks have still saying we want an energy policy, first of all they understand those prices are going to do what right after the election? They're going back up. So they know that.  [Peak emphasis]

The speech also provides an early look at Obama's eventually disastrous campaign to push through Obamacare. He explains that people across the country were complaining about how spending so much on health care wasn't solving the problem. 

So what did Obama do to fix the problem? He spent $1.76 trillion on Obamacare, according to the Congressional Budget Office. 

Obama on health care:

They say how is it that we are spending more money than any nation on earth on health care and yet not only do we have 46 million uninsured but we also, for those who have health insurance are seeing their co-payments and premiums and deductibles going up. Small business owners can't afford to give themselves health insurance, let alone employees.  

Ford Motor Company announced today $8 billion losses partly because they can't compete in terms of the health care costs that go into each and every car.

And so they ask why is it if we're spending that much money we can't have better outcomes? Why can't we provide coverage for every child and adult? Why can't we provide basic care? Why can't we do something about that. So they're looking for a change.

His elitism shines through even then, with Obama describing Americans as sometimes getting "confused" because they don't have time to read "every page of The New York Times or The Washington Post."

Obama on "confused" Americans:

One of the things you come away with when you travel all across the country is the recognition that the American people at their core are a decent people. They get confused sometimes. You know they listen to Rush. Mainly though they're just busy. And they're tired. They're not always paying attention. They're trying to get their kids to school on time. They're trying to get to the job and pay the bills. So they're not reading every single page of The New York Times or The Washington Post. They're not watching those cable shows. They have got better things to do. [Peak emphasis]

Echoes of Obama’s later comment that small town Americans “cling to their guns and religion”?

As Obama was in Colorado to campaign for one-term former Governor Bill Ritter and Congressman Ed Perlmutter, here’s how he describes the pair.

Bill Ritter, who I think, exemplifies the kind of common-sense, no-nonsense, get-stuff-done type of governance that every state deserves. He is gong to be an outstanding Governor on behalf of Colorado. We're going to be looking for big things out of him.

And Ed Perlmutter, this guy, he has got so much energy, I don't know, we got to, we got to fasten him down sometime because he is always fired up, ah, on behalf of the people he seeks to serve. He understands that this is not simply about ambition, but this is about service. And ultimately, that's the kind of person you want representing you. Somebody who is going to be thinking about you first in each and every day when he wakes up in Washington and he's going to the floor of the House of Representatives to figure out how he can improves the lives and well being of the people he is representing. He's going to be an outstanding Congressman. You can bank on that. [Peak emphasis] 

With Obama at a 36% approval rating in Jefferson County, the heart of Perlmutter's district, expect to see this video and quotes from it in campaign ads this year. 

We wouldn't be surprised to see Obama's quote on gas prices and “confused” Americans show up in ads either.