Disgraced banker and former US Senator Jon Corzine was listed as a major bundler for President Obama in a list released Friday afternoon. Despite being under federal investigation for defrauding his clients, Corzine is noted as having raised over $500,000 for Obama's campaign.

In Colorado, US Senator Mark Udall has taken nearly $5,000 from Corzine and refused to return it.

Reports Real Clear Politics:

Jon Corzine — under federal and congressional investigation following accusations that the securities firm he headed illegally took clients' funds before collapsing — is among President Obama's top re-election campaign bundlers, raising at least $500,000, according to the campaign’s filing Friday with the Federal Election Commission.  

Corzine, the former New Jersey senator and governor, and former head of Goldman Sachs, is among 127 individuals (dubbed “volunteer fundraisers” in the parlance used by Obama’s Chicago campaign) credited with raising more than $500,000 through the first quarter of 2012.

The Obama campaign and the Democrat National Committee returned nearly $70,000 in donations from Corzine last December, but apparently feel alright about keeping the money he rustled up for them.

Udall won't even return the money given to him by Corzine, as Udall's Federal Election Commission (FEC) filing on April 15, 2012 shows no money being returned to Corzine. 

It is generally not advisable to be associated with someone under current federal investigation for illegally taking people's money and losing it.

You might even call that a dangerous association.

With Udall seeing his approval rating plummeting to 40% in a recent poll that heavily oversampled liberals, he might want to be careful about the type of people funding his campaign.