The American Future Fund is running ads in Colorado hitting the Obama administration for the twin government spending scandals of the lavish, million-dollar GSA conference in Las Vegas and the failed $500 million handout to solar panel manufacturer Solyndra. The ads in Colorado are part of a larger $2 million buy across eight swing states.

Check out the ad here:

The two spending scandals have an odd connection — the General Services Administration (GSA) Administrator missed the Vegas junket to have meetings on Solyndra.

The GSA and Solyndra scandals also have their own Colorado connections.

9News reported that 52 Colorado workers attended the GSA conference in Vegas. Denver-based GSA Rocky Mountain Region commissioner Paul Prouty was placed on administrative leave, along with seven other GSA employees who have been suspended or fired for the incident, which included taxpayer money being spent on clowns, mind readers and expensive suites. 

Colorado also has its own version of Solyndra in Pat Stryker-backed Abound Solar. Just as Solyndra collapsed after receiving hundreds of millions in Obama administration loans, Abound Solar laid off 70% of its employees despite receiving a $400 million loan. 

As liberal Washington Post columnist E.J. Dionne said on Sunday, government spending scandals like the GSA conference are "really bad for progressives, liberals, when any of these scandals come out. Because progressives and liberals are people who say based on history, government can accomplish great things."

They're also not good for Obama. With a narrative that Obama spends too much, any attention paid to the government wasting money helps further that damaging narrative. 

It also doesn't hurt to have a few thousand points put up to further that argument.