Newt Gingrich will suspend his Presidential campaign…next Tuesday. The Associated Press and Fox News are reporting that campaign sources are telling them that Gingrich will finish his six-day swing through North Carolina before formally suspending his campaign next week. He is expected to endorse Mitt Romney in next week's speech.

As soon as news broke, the reaction on Twitter was more sarcasm than surprise. One user tweeted "BREAKING: Newt Gingrich's campaign was over weeks ago." 

Gingrich hasn't won a state since his home state of Georgia had a primary in early March. He had hoped to work his way to a brokered convention, but a candidate must win at least five states to be nominated at the Republican National Convention. Gingrich only won two — Georgia and South Carolina.

Gingrich was hoping for a win in Delaware last night, but Romney took the state with nearly 60% of the vote, pushing Gingrich to reconsider his campaign. His campaign is also under a mountain of debt, with Federal Election Commission (FEC) filings at the end of March showing the campaign $4.3 million in the red

Supporters had held out hope that Gingrich would rise from the ashes yet again, like the former Speaker had done multiple times already this cycle. But it was too late in the process for another electoral rebirth.