UPDATE: A source tracking media buys tells us that the AFP buy is over $400,000 in Colorado, and includes the Grand Junction and Colorado Springs media markets.

Americans for Prosperity (AFP) launched a massive $6 million ad blitz today, hitting Obama on wasteful spending that resulted in billions of taxpayer dollars being shipped overseas in the name of green energy. The brutal barrage of ads comes after AFP spent $6.5 million last year slamming Obama on the failed $500 million handout to solar panel manufacturer Solyndra.

The ad is set to run in the swing states of Colorado, Ohio, Florida, Virginia, Michigan, Nevada, Iowa, and New Mexico.

Check it out here:

Obama's Super PAC, in allegiance with a left wing radical environmental group, is running about $1 million worth of ads in Colorado and Nevada this week trying to blame high gas prices on Mitt Romney. 

While groups have spent significant sums already in Colorado, there has yet to be such large ad buys going up on opposite sides at the same time.

It's going to be an expensive and brutal war for the Presidency in Colorado and this first tit-for-tat seven figure fight is just the beginning.