State Representative John Kefalas (D-Ft Collins) only likes to give some of his fruit to homeless men rummaging through his apartment's trash. Why? He doesn't know, but he just had to tell the recipients of his fundraising email about it.

This is one of the odder pitches for campaign cash we have ever seen. You would almost think it was a prank.

From an email sent this afternoon:

In closing, I would like to share a story with you. On Wednesday morning I went to the dumpster behind my Denver apartment to drop off my monthly trash. There was a man rummaging through the garbage. He was startled to see me and he apologized profusely, to which I replied that he need not worry. He was articulate, present and he gave me eye contact; his eyes were filled with sadness. I offered him some fruit from a bag I carried, but I did not offer the entire bag of fruit. Why? I do not have all the answers.  

Thank you for traveling this journey alongside me and for all the wonderful relationships. Be well and have a great Colorado day.  


John Kefalas,  

State Representative House District 52

Representative Kefalas has a long history of only sharing part of his earnings. Despite his party's message about "paying your fair share" in taxes, Kefalas was a tax cheat through the 1980s and early 90s. He didn't pay his federal income taxes through that period, and continued to not pay the federal telephone excise tax into last decade. 

What is not clear from the incoherent email is whether Rep. Kefalas was giving the homeless man fruit from his trash bag or from a bag of fruit he carried with him while taking his trash out. Why is this not clear? Because Kefalas doesn't give all the answers.