Senate President and CD4 Congressional candidate Brandon Shaffer is delusional. At a recent event for that rare species known as Fort Morgan Democrats, Shaffer speculated that his hopeless campaign to unseat incumbent GOP Congressman Cory Gardner would come down to "a few hundred votes."

Funny, that's just what his fundraising says about the race. The first quarter Shaffer was in the race he raised $179k. That dropped to $112k in the next quarter and has stayed abysmally low this latest quarter with $114k raised. Donations always drop for competitive races. 

Reports The Fort Morgan Times:

Democratic candidate Brandon Shaffer, who is running for the U.S. House of Representatives in Colorado' s 4th Congressional District is making a point of shaking the hands of everyone he meets, because the election may come down to a few hundred vote difference, he said at the Morgan County Democratic Party's Big Ten Dinner Saturday night.

After redistricting made CD4 one of the safest seats in Colorado for Republicans, the race went from a long shot for Shaffer to a race that Shaffer couldn't win even if Gardner was caught with the proverbial dead girl or live boy.

But don't blame Shaffer for his political plight, because as Shaffer told The Denver Post, that would be like blaming a woman for being raped.