Yesterday, the Chair of the Democrat National Committee, Debbie Wasserman-Schultz, and the Chair of the Colorado Democrat Party, Rick Palacio, held a press conference in Denver and proved how much of a gift their leadership is to Republicans.

The message these esteemed Party leaders wanted to impart? Mitt Romney's general election campaign is beginning later than Barack Obama's. Seriously.

Reports Eli Stokols of Fox 31:

DENVER — The Democratic National Committee Chairwoman, Rep. Debbie Wasserman-Schultz, mocked Mitt Romney’s hiring Tuesday of a Colorado campaign director, claiming that the presumptive GOP presidential nominee is “starting from scratch in one of the most significant battleground states there is.

“It’s very clear who takes the state of Colorado seriously, and who doesn’t,” she said.

Who in their right mind thought such a lame process-oriented attack was the right message to send? Everyone knows Romney just became the presumptive nominee, so it's no wonder he is just beginning to staff up for the general election. 

If Democrats want to make Romney and Obama's Colorado State Directors the story, Republicans would be happy to oblige. Remember, Obama's Colorado State Director is a registered environmental lobbyist. Please, let's keep talking about what that says about Obama's campaign in Colorado. 

With such savvy political operators as Wasserman-Schultz and Palacio it should be no surprise that Democrats have fallen nearly 120,000 voters behind Republicans in voter registration in Colorado.  

They couldn't even notify the press of the event properly. Colorado Public Radio's Megan Verlee tweeted after the event: "Hey DNC? Robocalling me about a press conference that happened 3 hours ago? That's not how you win elections. #CampaignFail"

Both Palacio and Wasserman-Schultz have been unmitigated disasters for Democrats.

Palacio infamously announced a recall campaign of Secretary of State Scott Gessler, only to do nothing, thus eroding his credibility, according to The Denver Post editorial page. He couldn't recruit even a semi-decent candidate to run against Congressman Mike Coffman in the newly-competitive 6th CD, nor has he been able to keep his spending in line with his weak fundraising

Wasserman-Schultz, for her part, continues to embarrass Democrats nationally, including a recent appearance on Fox News where she was unable to offer up an excuse for why Democrats in the US Senate haven't passed a budget in over three years.

Her only explanation was Americans don't care about "process," which is ironic considering her message in Denver yesterday was all about a process that no swing voter, or any voter really, cares a damn about. 

Palacio and Wasserman-Schultz have been a real gift to Republicans. We hope Democrats keep them around a while.