Senator Michael Bennet loves to rail against Congress in general, but in a campaign email today Bennet targets the US Senate specifically, of which he is a majority member, for criticism. 


You may remember the petition I sent you a few weeks ago supporting the reauthorization of the Violence Against Women Act. More than 5,000 people signed it. Thanks to your pressure we were able to push the Senate to do something it rarely does: work together and pass a bill that’s good for Colorado and good for our country.[Peak emphasis]

This is the type of language that the party in the minority usually uses, as it is a clear and direct indictment of the majority party for being unable to accomplish anything.

You hear that Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid? Senator Bennet thinks your leadership has "rarely" accomplished anything that is "good for our country." That, of course, is an accurate description of the US Senate, which hasn't passed a budget in over 3 years

Why then, pray tell, should Americans put the Senate Democrats in charge after the 2012 elections, Senator Bennet?

Readers of this site know well that Denver Post Democrat blogger Allison Sherry won't ask Senator Bennet that question. In fact, an analysis by a reader found that Sherry has not written a single critical article of Bennet since his election in 2010. Not a one. 

But, maybe someone should ask Bennet. Or better yet, someone should ask Harry Reid what he thinks about Senator Bennet trashing his caucus.