Today's jobs report is absolutely devastating for the Obama operation. It found more people leaving the labor force than jobs created, at a more than 2-1 rate. And Obama's campaign has been silent.

Reports The Huffington Post:

While the U.S. unemployment rate in April was the lowest it's been in more than three years, the unemployed may simply be falling off the government's radar as they give up looking for work.  

Meanwhile, job growth has slowed sharply after a fast start to the year, suggesting another bump in what has been an agonizingly long road to recovery for the job market.

Unemployment fell to 8.1 percent in April, the lowest since January 2009, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reported Friday morning. But the decline was mainly due to 342,000 people leaving the labor force, meaning the BLS had stopped counting them as unemployed. The number of employed people in the nation actually fell by 169,000.

The campaign is ultimately not going to be won on who ate dog or put their dog on the roof, but whether voters believe Obama has done enough to improve the economy. With the report today, finding 342,000 people have quit looking for work in just April alone, Obama's re-election prospects are not looking good.

And his campaign knows it. 

From Reuters:

President Barack Obama’s re-election campaign was relatively quiet early on Friday morning, marked by an absence of national media outreach and hits on presumptive Republican nominee Mitt Romney. The Chicago-based leviathan was indeed gearing up for the president’s first campaign rally in Columbus, Ohio, on Saturday, a campaign staffer said.

Yes, the Obama campaign can't comment on the economy because the 500+ person staff is all gearing up for a campaign rally in Ohio.

In other news from the Department of Sh*tty Spin, Elizabeth Warren listed herself as a Native American because she wanted to meet people like herself.