No matter where you stand on the controversial civil unions issue, it's amazing to note how quickly the issue's recent history has been forgotten, or in some cases, outright ignored. Let's briefly review how the Legislature got to where it is today. 

Civil union supporters have pre-emptively pointed their fingers at Republicans. But whom they really should be mad at is Terrance Carroll, Peter Groff, Andrew Romanoff, Ken Gordon, Mark Ferrandino, Pat Steadman, Tim Gill and Bill Ritter. Democrats, the alleged champions of civil unions and gay marriage, had an all out monopoly on state government for four years yet never brought up the issue once.    

Why is that? Why didn’t Democrats introduce a civil union bill when they controlled both chambers of the Legislature and the Governor’s office? The chance of such legislation passing during that tenure was not in question, it was guaranteed.

But Bill Ritter didn't want to have to sign the bill, so the supposed civil rights champions in the Legislature meekly backed off, and did Ritter's bidding. 

Not once during those four years did The Denver Post call on the Legislature, and then-Governor Ritter, to call a special session to address the issue.    
Democrats sat on their hands because they would rather play politics with civil unions than actually make legal and legislative gains on the issue. The gay community in Colorado should be outraged at those who claim to be their biggest champions, but who have sold civil unions down the river in hopes of making legislative gains down the road.    

Politics, not policy, has been the name of the game for Democrats on civil unions. As long as it didn't pass, the checks from Tim Gill kept coming.

Democrats are no doubt salivating at the prospect of using the failure of civil unions as a campaign issue during the elections this year. You can see the dollar signs in their eyes as they imagine the millions Tim Gill will shell out to defeat Republicans.    

Tim Gill, the billionaire software developer turned political kingmaker in Colorado Democratic politics, spent millions and millions getting Democrats elected to the statehouse. Credit for the Democrat’s four-year monopoly from 2006 to 2010 is in large part due to Gill’s financial contributions to Democrat campaign coffers. The one issue that motivates Gill to spend more than anything else is gay rights. It is the reason Gill took such a strong interest in Colorado politics to begin with.  

Gill gave Democrats the chance to pass civil unions on a silver platter, and they couldn’t have screwed up worse. If we were Tim Gill, we wouldn’t give Democrats another dime. In fact, we'd be asking Democrats for our money back.  

With supporters of civil unions talking about needing to pass the bill, it's important to remember why the bill still hasn't been passed. Democrats blocked it for four years.