Yesterday, CBS4 had a contentious interview with Mitt Romney, trying to pin him down on a variety of Colorado state political issues. He rightfully pushed back against attempts to trip him up on small issues that don't really matter to the office he is seeking, saying:

"Aren’t there issues of significance you would like to talk about? The economy? The growth of jobs? The need to put people back to work? The challenges of Iran. We’ve got enormous issues we face, but you want to talk about medical marijuana.”

We were more than a little surprised to see how tough CBS4's Shaun Boyd was on Romney, especially considering the embarrassingly bad softball interview CBS4's Karen Leigh gave Barack Obama back in March. 

When conservatives complain of media bias this is exactly what they are talking about.

For President Obama, they used a local anchor who clearly knew nothing about politics and proceeded to ask not a single tough policy question. But Romney gets the political reporter who grills him on anything that might possibly trip him up.

Furthermore, whereas Boyd asked Romney questions that CBS4 viewers had requested she ask, Obama's CBS4 interviewer Karen Leigh laughably handed Obama a stack of paper with viewers' questions on it. Instead of asking those questions, Leigh instead lobbed softballs such as "tell us more about this progress your administration's report says you've made."

CBS4, if you want to retain a shred of your credibility or a single conservative viewer, you will learn that you need to have an equal standard in candidate interviews. If Obama gets a softball, Barbara Walters-esque special and Romney gets a grilling, people will stop tuning into your channel. If viewers wanted that type of slant, they can just as easily flip over to MSNBC.