State Rep Joe Miklosi's campaign for Congress in CD6 has never really had a good week, but this week is the worst yet. He was listed as a "Loser" by The Denver Post, a report revealed he stiffed a staff member of pay and The Washington Post can't even spell his name right.

From The Denver Post's legislative session Scorecard (not available online):

Rep. Joe Miklosi: The Aurora Democrat, who is running in the 6th Congressional District, was slammed after pushing a bill designed to prevent discrimination against people in biker clothing. Critics said the bill, which failed, was a shameless pander to certain voters, including veterans. He also sponsored a bill to enact a sales-tax holiday for back-to-school items, a measure critics called a political gimmick; it failed.

That's got to sting. Good luck running on that record against Mike Coffman.

One small correction, though. Miklosi is a Denver Democrat, not an Aurora Democrat. He has never been elected to anything from Aurora — he just moved there in February to run for Congress. 

The second, and perhaps more damaging to his campaign, event that occurred this week was The Colorado Observer's uncovering of a back pay complaint against Miklosi by his former campaign finance director. In stiffing his former staffer of pay, Miklosi is setting himself up to be seen as a deadbeat boss. In this economy, or any economy really, that's not an image people see positively. 

To add insult to injury, in the one good piece of news Miklosi got all week — The Washington Post listing his race as one to watch — they couldn't even spell his name right. The reason Miklosi's race in CD6 even got mentioned was on paper it should be a close race, but since Miklosi has proved to be such a terrible candidate and Mike Coffman has been a "fundraising machine" it's not considered close to local observers. Making clear the author only took a brief look at the district's voter registration, and not the quality of the candidates themselves, Miklosi's name is misspelled Mikloski. 

Congratulations, Joe Miklosi. You had the worst week in Denver.