UPDATE: Senator Hudak has deleted her tweet trashing the Colorado Lawyers Committee. Unfortunately for her, that doesn’t make the screenshot go away.


Ah, the perils of Twitter for public officials. Today, state Senator Evie Hudak (D-Westminster) became the lastest elected official to make a fool of herself on Twitter, complaining to her colleague, Senator Linda Newell (D-Littleton), that the Colorado Lawyers Committee awards ceremony she attended wasn't the “best use of time” because legislators like herself were not introduced.

Check out the self-important tweet:

It appears Senator Hudak meant to reply to Senator Newell via private, direct message, as Senator Newell’s account shows no public references to the event Hudak was attending.


We know state legislators sometimes fancy themselves the most important people in the known political universe, but outside the Capitol there are few who would agree.

What makes this unintended moment of truth even funnier is that lawyers and lobbyists were the second leading campaign contributors to Senator Hudak in her last election, second only to labor unions (h/t Colorado Media Trackers). Maybe they’ll think twice about donating to her campaign this time around.

And maybe Senator Hudak should think twice before she tweets (or votes for that matter).