UPDATE: Like the previous Crossroads GPS Colorado ad buy, this one is statewide as well, running in all major media markets.


Crossroads GPS launched the second phase of its $25 million ad blitz today with an ad called "Basketball" that focuses on the impact of Obama's economy, specifically the fact that many people are forced to move back in with their parents when they can’t find work. The ad starts running in Colorado tomorrow with a $383,000 buy behind it.

Some background on the development of the ad by The New York Times:

Behind the story of the ad’s creation rests one of the greatest challenges for Republicans in this election: how to develop a powerful line of attack against a president who remains well liked even by people who are considering voting against him.

The concept for the newest advertisement and even some of the lines in the script were culled directly from focus groups of undecided and sometimes torn voters that were held over nearly a year. As Crossroads strategists would learn after 18 different focus groups and field tests, from Missouri to Colorado to Ohio to Florida, the harshest anti-Obama jabs backfire with many Americans.

The ad is somewhat of a follow-up to another Crossroads GPS ad run last year, called “Wake Up.” You can see that ad here.