UPDATE: A reader notes the Colorado Democratic Party’s website homepage also highlights a visit by Cory Booker. We thought he was persona non grata to Democrats these days. Rick Palacio, call your web designer while you’re at it.


With the Wisconsin recall election on the horizon, and Republican Governor Scott Walker looking safer by the day, it would be instructive for Colorado Democratic Party Chairman Rick Palacio to look at how not to run a state party from Wisconsin Democratic Party Chairman Mike Tate.

Like Tate, Palacio has engaged in his own recall buffoonery, calling for Secretary of State Scott Gessler to be recalled from office. Unlike Tate, Palacio then proceeded to do basically nothing, shredding any semblance of credibility he had. But maybe that's best for Palacio, as Tate's efforts at recalling Governor Walker have been an unmitigated disaster. 

From the latest polling in Wisconsin per Yahoo! News

A new poll in Wisconsin has Scott Walker holding a growing lead over Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett in the upcoming recall election.  

The Republican governor holds a six-point lead over Democrat Barrett, 50 to 44 percent, among likely voters surveyed by Marquette Law School, May 9-12. The poll's margin of error for likely voters was plus or minus 4.1 percentage points.  

The results represent a five-point increase for Walker over Barrett since Marquette's previous poll in late April.  

The findings released this week by Marquette mirror those released by other polling outlets. [Peak emphasis]

Tate is going to be a national embarrassment next month when Walker cruises to victory and Tate is left explaining why his party spent the better part of the last year engaged in a losing recall effort that costs millions of dollars and tens of thousands of volunteer hours. Bet it's not going to be easy to recruit volunteers for the fall after that. 

But Palacio's recall effort apparently goes on, even if Palacio has been embarrassed enough to mostly back off the effort. The petition is still on the homepage of the Colorado Democratic Party. Any member of the press care to ask Palacio how many signatures they've collected?

We're guessing probably not many. A PPP poll in April, which vastly oversampled liberals by 12%, found that only 22% of Coloradans support recalling Scott Gessler. If the poll were sampled to actually reflect the Colorado electorate, that number would fall even lower. 

If Palacio hasn't learned his lesson already, he should make sure to give Mike Tate a call.