Conservative advocacy group Compass Colorado welcomed President Obama to Colorado today with a hilarious new radio ad, knocking Obama from a college age perspective for his failed policies. The ad buy is scheduled to run on 95.7 and 107.5 — not the usual spots for political ads.

“Everyone has suffered in the Obama economy but recent college graduates are worse off than most,” said Tyler Q. Houlton, president of Compass Colorado. “Obama has disappointed hard-working graduates with his broken promises, failed policies, and reckless spending.”

As Compass points out in their press release, a recent study found that 53.6% of recent college graduates are unemployed or underemployed. That depressing economic reality led to another study that found a whopping 85% of recent grads plan on moving back in with Mom and Dad after graduation.

Coolness doesn’t pay the bills or help you move out of Mom and Dad’s place, and that’s probably exactly why young voters just aren’t as jazzed about Obama this time around.

“Obama may still be a celebrity, but he is certainly not a leader,” said Houlton.

So far the Compass ad has drawn a great deal of media coverage, with write ups in Politico, The Hill, The Denver Post and The Colorado Observer.

You can find the full script after the jump:

Male College Graduate: Hey, let’s go to the Obama rally on campus.

Female College Graduate: No way! I’m not going again. Not after his broken promises.

Male: Oh come on, he’s cool! He’s the President!

Female: Whatever, we don’t have jobs and I have a hundred thousand dollars in student loans.

Male: It’s totally fine, babe. It’s President Obama!

Female: You live with your parents, there’s nothing ‘fine’ about that.

Male: I think you’re overreacting.

Female: Overreacting? Obama let us down.

Announcer: Barack Obama. Celebrity Status. Failed Policies. Paid for by Compass Colorado.