Peak UPDATE: Tomorrow’s Open Negotiation Meeting place has been changed to:

Douglas County High School South Commons

2842 Front Street

Castle Rock Co 80104


Supporters of the Douglas County School Board are bracing for protests by hundreds of union members at Thursday's meeting. This meeting of the Douglas County School Board is one in which the fate of the teacher's union contract for the coming school year will be determined.

The Douglas County School Board has gone through a revolutionary change, with conservatives now dominating its ranks. They have supported the Douglas County school choice initiative and made great strides in improving the overall health and quality of the schools in that district.

The improvements made in the short time the new school board has been in charge in Douglas County are very popular among the parents, students, and most teachers in the district. Students are receiving a better education, and the tax-payers are certainly receiving more value for their dollars.

There may be a few within Douglas County who are unhappy with the conservative approach of the current school board, but it appears that the majority of those planning to protest are from outside the district and Douglas County itself. AFT, the American Federation of Teachers, is apparently bringing in people from all over the state to intimidate the Douglas County School Board and its supporters. Up to a thousand protesters are expected to attempt to disrupt the proceedings.

It's speculated that the goal of the AFT and its protesters is to have a "Wisconsin-esque" melee to throw the union negotiations into chaos and create a media spectacle. The union, if it remains true to its pattern and form, will try to create an appearance of anger where there is none, and to stir up hatred for the Douglas County School Board, which is highly regarded by students, parents and educators alike.

The Douglas County School Board is seeking the help of conservatives to keep the future of the school district and the educational well-being of its children on course.

If you would like to show solidarity with the Douglas County School Board and the students, teachers, and parents who support their common-sense, innovative approach to public education, they are asking you to join them at school district headquarters, 620 Wilcox Street, Castle Rock, CO 80104 this Thursday afternoon, May 24 at 3:00 p.m.

Please arrive early to fill one of only 100 gallery seats available in the meeting room.