Starting today, we've instituted a new commenting system that upgrades this blog to the modern age of social media. Rather than signing up for a new account just to comment on Colorado Peak Politics, you can now comment through accounts you already have — Facebook, Yahoo!, AOL or Hotmail. If you're already signed into one of those accounts, most likely Facebook, you can automatically comment on Peak posts through that account. 


It seems individual accounts for only one web page is an antiquated concept on the internets these days. As most of our comments were coming on Facebook already, this change will hopefully help improve and streamline our readers’ feedback.

All previous comments will remain up, but going forward it will be just the social media commenting system. For people who have individual Peak accounts, they are still useful for publishing your own posts. We encourage any and all readers to draft their own diaries and publish them here. 

Other sites, such as Politico, have transitioned over to the Facebook commenting system and seem pleased with the results. Now readers will be able to "like" individual reader comments, helping highlight popular sentiment or snarky statements. 

Thanks to all of our readers for their continued interest, tips and even criticism. We benefit from it all.