Yesterday, Complete Colorado's Todd Shepherd broke the news that Obama national campaign co-chair and former Denver Mayor Federico Peña is a venture capitalist — involved in layoffs — the same profession that the Obama campaign has been attacking Mitt Romney for belonging to. Despite the news having what should be important to the Colorado press corps — a state angle in a national story — it has so far seen nothing but silence in the Centennial State media.

That doesn't mean it was ignored altogether either. Soon after breaking, national news outlets Human Events and The Daily Caller picked up the story, with The Daily Caller headlining the news. With The Daily Caller reaching six million unique visitors last month, that's no small accomplishment, nor small audience.

It was a bit ironic that Human Events picked it up, considering it was former Colorado political scribe David Harsanyi who penned the post. Funny that a former Colorado reporter realized the importance of the news, but not any reporter still stationed in the state. 

The story continues to richochet across the internet today, with national sites Hot Air, Weasel Zippers, and PJ Media picking up news of the Obama campaign's massive hypocrisy.

All together, that accounts for thousands of Facebook shares and Tweets of the news, hundreds of thousands of views, if not more, and a realization that sometimes the Colorado press corps will ignore important news — so you have to drive around them to national outlets. 

We're still hoping members of the political press corps in Colorado will pick up essential facts like Peña's role in venture capital layoffs, or the massive hypocrisy of Congressmen Ed Perlmutter and Jared Polis in attacking Bain Capital's business model, as we pointed out on the Peak yesterday. But we aren't holding our breath. 

As Complete Colorado's success in breaking a national news story proves, increasingly you just don't need them.