Golden businessman Joe Coors Jr is up with his first TV ad of his campaign to unseat incumbent Congressman Ed Perlmutter. In a sign of the financial force Coors will be, the buy is for a shocking $400,000, a little less than the entire amount raised by Coors in the first quarter.

Using the campaign’s humorous slogan “I’m not a beer,” the ad intros Coors as a local businessman who helped build Coors Tek, the largest technical ceramics company in the world. It’s a positive spot that doesn’t even mention Perlmutter, but instead talks more generically about the debt being driven up in DC. You could even call it Hickenlooper-esque in its quirkiness and positive tone.

In typical fashion, the only response the ad has received from Democrats is class warfare trash talking, with Colorado Democrat Party spokesman Matt Inzeo trying to tar Coors as an “out-of-touch millionaire.”

Hopefully a reporter will call the Democrats on their hypocrisy at some point, as Congressman Perlmutter is a millionaire as well, who belonged to the same country club as Coors until he lost the membership in his divorce.

Ultimately all of the class warfare trash talk is just Democrats letting out their frustration that Coors will be able to help fund a devastating assault on Perlmutter’s failed record. With CD7 more Republican after redistricting, Perlmutter is not nearly as safe as Democrats thought less than a year ago.

As this first ad demonstrates, Coors will be a serious contender. Four hundred large is no insubstantial buy five months out. Maybe it’s time Perlmutter put a call into Colorado’s leading home foreclosure law firm and begged for a little more campaign cash.