Mike Donald, a self-described “Reagan Conservative,” is running against the liberal incumbent from Aurora in Colorado's House District 42 contest.

Mike is a 42 year old family man whose experiences in business ownership and the working world have helped him develop political positions that have a fiscally conservative inclination. Mike Donald, like many conservatives of today, is a big fan of President Ronald Reagan. Mike's article, “The Hamburger Stand,” is a window into his “Reaganesque” thinking about the government, the economy, and how the economy suffers when the government intrudes where it should not.

Mike Donald grew up in Pontiac, Michigan and then moved to Socorro, New Mexico where he studied physics at the New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology. He and his wife, Elizabeth, chose to move to Colorado because of the lifestyle advantages it offers for families with young children. Mike and his family enjoy their lives in Aurora, but it's Mike's  concern about the future of Colorado and the United States that impels him to run for public office. 

Having worked in the auto industry in Michigan, Mike has seen first-hand the destructive impact of liberal policies and big union demands on business. He relates, “I have personally experienced how liberal policies ruin lives. I am fed-up with the government intefering in the free market and destroying people's lives and livelihoods! It's time we Conservatives took back the authority of government, and put an end to the madness that hurts everyone.”

The Colorado State House District 42 contest is Mike's first foray into politics, and he wants to encourage his Conservative Republican base to fight for him during this upcoming election season. If Colorado House District 42 follows prevailing national trends, Aurora will be fired up to elect Mike Donald to bring some “Reaganesque” fiscal sanity, and a solid Republican majority, to the Colorado House of Representatives.