Late last year The Daily Show found Occupy Wall Street planning their protests in the atrium of Deutsche Bank. Yesterday, a Colorado Peak Politics source found the SEIU planning their "flash mob" protest of Wells Fargo in…the Wells Fargo Theater at the Colorado Convention Center. Oh, the sweet, sweet irony!

From The Denver Post's Jordan Steffen:

More than 1,000 people gathered for a protest in front of the Wells Fargo Building in downtown Denver this morning.

A large group of demonstrators marched from the Colorado Convention Center to Sherman Street, demanding that the nation's wealthiest 1 percent pay "their fair share" of taxes.

…Many of the demonstrators are in town the for convention of the Service Employees International Union.

Today's SEIU protest, with its Occupy language of the 99% and directed towards a bank, further ties the labor union to the protest movement associated with violence towards police officers, public defecation and rape

It's not like the SEIU is even trying to hide it anymore, now that they're paying $4,000 a month for Occupy DC's office space.

Considering Occupy Denver has burned down their own squatter camp, it makes sense the SEIU is joining forces with them. What torches your message better than renting space sponsored by the same company you are protesting?