In an article on Colorado Ethics Watch (CEW) yesterday in The Colorado Observer, CEW's Executive Director Luis Toro was unable to name a single Democrat his group has sued over ethics, yet laughably tries to push the lie that his group is "nonpartisan." Either every elected Democrat in Colorado is squeaky clean or CEW is full of crap.

Most casual observers of Colorado politics know the second statement to be true — CEW is full of it.

From The Colorado Observer's Valerie Richardson:

Has CEW ever brought a lawsuit against a Democrat or liberal group? Nicolais says he can think of one example: In 2008, CEW filed a legal challenge against Denver District Attorney Mitch Morrissey–but the focus of the lawsuit was the Democrat’s refusal to launch an ethics investigation against Republican state Sen. Andy McElhany.  

Toro insists his group doesn’t look at party. “It’s not about what political party you are, it’s about making sure Colorado has a strong ethics laws and strong open-records law,” said Toro.

Not answering the question, Luis? Can you name a single Democrat you've sued over ethical issues? Maybe you shouldn't be getting on your high horse about nonpartisanship with OGI when you are demonstrably a partisan hack yourself. 

Earlier this month CEW and Toro tried lecturing the Open Government Institute (OGI) on what it meant to be nonpartisan when OGI's Jessica Peck was taped speaking to the Colorado Republican Business Coalition. Apparently, Toro's definition of nonpartisanship includes only suing one party. 

Yes, Luis, CEW is nonpartisan. And Allison Sherry is a "reporter." And Fox News is "fair and balanced."

Can we please just cut the crap? CEW is a liberal group, OGI is a conservative group (though they do have one former Democratic staffer), and Allison Sherry is a Democrat blogger.

Now that that's settled, let the ideological food fight continue.

And for those keeping score at home, we tend to be slightly more conservative too.