UPDATE: There has been a lot of talk of the role Hispanic voters will have in this election, particularly in Colorado. With that in mind, the news that Hispanic unemployment rose from 10.3% to 11% today is not positive news for the Obama campaign on an already dismal day.


File this under headlines Obama's campaign didn't want. Today's jobs report is beyond dismal, with only 69,000 jobs created. That's not even enough to keep up with population growth, notes ABC's Jake Tapper. That's also so poor that the unemployment rate ticked up to 8.2%, the first rise in over a year.

Definitely not where Chicago wanted things going into summer.

Reports the AP:

WASHINGTON (AP) — The U.S. economy suddenly looks a lot weaker.  

U.S. employers created only 69,000 jobs in May, the fewest in a year, and the unemployment rate ticked up.

The dismal jobs data will fan fears that the economy is sputtering. It could also damage President Barack Obama's re-election prospects. And it could lead the Federal Reserve to take further steps to help the economy.

The Labor Department also said Friday that the economy created far fewer jobs in the previous two months than first thought. It revised those figures down to show 49,000 fewer jobs created. The unemployment rate rose to 8.2 percent from 8.1 percent in April, the first increase in 11 months.

That's not a jobs record you can believe in.

But you know what jobs record you can believe in, according to former President Bill Clinton? Mitt Romney's!

Last night on CNN, Clinton referred to Romney's "sterling business record" and, much like Cory Booker, bemoaned the Obama campaign's attacks on Bain Capital. 

This just isn't Team Hopenchange's week, is it?

Roll the clip: