Colorado Democratic Party Communications Director Matt Inzeo has got some 'splaining to do. Media Trackers Colorado reports today that Inzeo is registered to vote in Washington, DC as well as Colorado. Not only that but he didn't register to vote in Colorado until a year after he was hired by the Colorado Democrats and only five days before the 2012 precinct caucuses, meaning he was ineligible to vote.

The embarrassing revelation comes via Red State's front page today, a location that will ensure Inzeo's registration issues will be seen by more than a few folks.

Scoops Media Trackers:

Though modern physicists have yet to figure out a way for one person to be in two places at the same time, the top spokesman for Colorado Democrats has figured out a way to vote in two places at once. Matt Inzeo, the communications director for the Colorado Democratic Party, holds active voter registrations in both Colorado and Washington, D.C., according to a voter fraud investigation by Media Trackers Colorado.

Although Inzeo was first hired by the Colorado Democratic Party in May of 2011 according to his LinkedIn profile, he waited nearly a year before registering to vote in Colorado. Inzeo’s voter registration became active a mere five days before the state party’s presidential nominating caucuses which were held on March 6, 2012. State law requires prospective caucus participants to have been registered in the state for at least two months prior to voting in the caucus.  

When Media Trackers attempted to contact Inzeo on his cell phone to ask whether he voted in the 2012 caucus, he abruptly hung up before providing any comment.

No wonder Democrats in Colorado are getting crushed in voter registration — their own communications director waited a year before signing himself up, and not even in time to vote for Obama in the precinct caucus.  

Adding insult to injury, Inzeo also appears to be a terrible spokesman for the Recall Scott Gessler campaign. It is our understanding that you have to be registered to vote for 30 days before signing a recall petition. That means when Inzeo announced the recall campaign on March 28 he was ineligible to even sign his own petition.  


(Photo via Inzeo's Twitter profile)