A recent survey done by a website that helps connect small businesses with clients found that Colorado conservatives are far better at running their businesses than their liberal counterparts.

Thumbtack.com, in partnership with the Kauffman Foundation, surveyed the 6,000 small businesses listed on their site and found that small businesses run by conservatives in Colorado were 39% more likely than the state's liberal entrepreneurs to rate their businesses financial situation as "good" or "very good."

Such findings are not entirely shocking. As liberals don't seem to understand the basic financial premise of spending only what you take in, it's no surprise they struggle to run businesses that aren't allowed to run up the type of massive debts seen in DC or Democrat-controlled states like California.  

That success also seems to be in part because conservatives don't look to, or expect, the government to do much for them.

"Conservatives were 30% less likely than liberals to view the state as supportive of small business, while independents were 15% less likely than liberals," according to the results.

Colorado received a B+ for its overall "small business friendliness," ranking 9th in the nation. While that's not bad, it's not necessarily great when stacked up against our neighbors. According to the survey, Colorado's small businesses were the fourth-least healthy and fifth-slowest growing in the West.

This survey matters more than most business climate rankings, according to the authors, as the "Thumbtack.com Small Business Survey is the only survey to draw data from an extensive, nationwide universe of job creators and entrepreneurs themselves in order to investigate the best places in the country to do business."

Whether the survey is a better gauge on the small business climate than others is up for debate, but their findings only confirm what we already knew wasn't debatable — liberals suck at math. 

It appears when liberals try to apply their fiscal philosophy to the free market they often fail, because in the free market if you take in 5, you can't spend 10. If only Barack Obama was forced to live by that standard.