You know what saves more lives than doctors? According to Brüno, fashion. You know what saves more jobs than Obama? According to the Obama campaign, Vogue's editor-in-chief Anna Wintour.

The same day the national unemployment rate rose to 8.2% the Obama campaign released a video starring the Devil Wears Prada herself, in a tone deaf plea for campaign dollars. Now the RNC is out with a web video…starring Anna Wintour in a tone deaf plea for Obama campaign dollars.

Did she really just say Sarah Jessica Parker is one of the “most incredible women in the world"? Did she happen to see Sex and the City 2?

Maybe it's our Beavis and Butthead nature, but we can't help but think of this video while watching Wintour extol the virtues of Perezident Obama. 

Starting at 3:39 there’s an uncanny impersonation of an Obama State of the Union address.