Denver state Rep. and CD6 Congressional candidate Joe Miklosi has been caught in yet another staffer-related scandal. Colorado Peak Politics has obtained audio of Miklosi bragging about the Washington, DC-based Democrat Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) paying for his Congressional campaign staff and boasting that there are staff members in his campaign office that he doesn't even know.

This comes on the heels of a still bubbling scandal over a back pay complaint filed by Miklosi's former finance director — an issue that Miklosi has yet to address on the record. 

From the audio of today's scandal:

Here’s a transcript of the brief excerpt:

As long as I keep meeting certain benchmarks it’s a two-way street. They’re going to pay for my field program. They are paying for my staff. I have people in my office, I don’t even know who they are. [Peak emphasis]

No wonder Miklosi hasn’t paid his former finance director in full — he doesn’t even know who is working for him.

Miklosi’s Congressional campaign staff have been an unmitigated disaster so far. It took them an entire two weeks to put out a lame web video attacking Mike Coffman for his comments about Obama. Two. Weeks.

He’s also had his new campaign manager tweeting derogatorily about staff members seeking back pay and his top consultant was caught advising a company seeking school bond business to bribe the district with a free poll so they could “steal” $90 million in taxpayer funds.

The audio clip was obtained originally by the Coffman campaign and news of it came through a campaign press release that highlighted the fact that Coffman’s campaign team is all from Colorado, while Miklosi’s is made up of staffers sent by the DCCC in Washington, DC.

Democrats really couldn’t have picked a worse candidate for what is ostensibly a competitive district now. It seems every week Coloradans get a fresh reminder of that.

Joe Miklosi, call your campaign office (and ask for your staffers names). You have to know how to address them before you fire them.