With Colorado Democrats and their allies in the left wing Colorado Democracy Alliance (CODA) suddenly, shockingly silent about the shock waves sent across the country by Scott Walker's win in Wisconsin last night, we thought we'd help remind them how much the race mattered to them before they lost.

Last year, the SEIU organized Wisconsin solidarity protests across the country, including here in Colorado. On February 22, 2011 the left in Colorado gathered on the steps of the Capitol, with over 1000 people turning out. The Tea Party counter-protested, standing in solidarity with Scott Walker's reforms instead. 

And a whole host of House Democrats turned out at the protest, including many who are now in competitive re-election races. And of course, the union goons behaved as, well, goons do.

Rise and report:

Rep. Max Tyler (D-Lakewood), Rep. Daniel Kagan (D-Denver), Rep. Andy Kerr (D-Lakewood), Rep. Nancy Todd (D-Aurora), Rep. Pete Lee (D-CO Springs), Rep. Sue Schafer (D-Wheat Ridge), Rep. Rhonda Fields (D-Denver), Rep. Matt Jones (D-Louisville), Rep. Sue Ryden (D-Aurora), Rep. John Soper (D-Federal Heights) and Rep. Judy Solano (D-Thornton).

Also spotted at the rally was Rep. Ed Casso (D-Commerce City). The Senate was in session during the protest, otherwise we’re sure plenty of them would have gladly stood alongside the SEIU and the rest of the now-losing side of the Wisconsin fight.

In case any Democrat tries to say last night didn’t matter, just remember, before they lost, it was like the most important election EVAH.