In the wake of the crushing defeat of union asset Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett in Wisconsin last night we thought we would take a look at Colorado's very own union asset, Congressman Ed Perlmutter. According to, Perlmutter has received nearly a million dollars — $903,500 to be exact — from special interest labor union Political Action Committees (PACs) since 2008.

For comparison, Denver Congresswoman Diana DeGette has taken in only $100,000 more from union PACs, but she has been in office ten years longer than Perlmutter. Broken down annually, Perlmutter is averaging over $225,000 in union PAC cash per year, compared to DeGette who averages slightly less than $73,000.

Consider it visually:

Considering 57% of Perlmutter's donations so far this cycle have come from special interest PACs, it's fair to say Perlmutter's political life is tied at the hip to union interests. Perlmutter's opponent, Golden businessman Joe Coors Jr, has taken less than 1% in PAC donations, from all industries. 

Remind us, Allison Sherry, whose source of campaign donations matter most.

Voters rejected the pernicious influence of labor unions in politics last night in Wisconsin. In five months, Colorado voters will have the chance to do the same.