Despite President Obama being too busy attending fundraisers to campaign for losing Wisconsin recall candidate Tom Barrett, the Campaigner-in-Chief still got handily whooped by Mitt Romney in the campaign donation department last month. The combined fundraising operation of the RNC and Romney's campaign raised $76.8 million in May, to Obama and the DNC's $60 million.

Before liberals begin their knee-jerk whining about rich donors lining the Romney campaign's pockets, they should consider one fact: 93% of donors gave $250 or less. As The Fix's Chris Cilizza tweeted about that little detail: Wowza. 

Impressive to conservatives should be the fact that Romney has $107 million cash on hand. The Obama campaign, notably, did not release their cash on hand figure. That's probably because they're spending cash like Obama does taxpayer funds, as in a drunken frat boy with his parents’ credit card. 

What makes this Romney fundraising romp even more damaging to the campaign narrative is that Obama has broken all sorts of fundraising records for Presidents — specifically he's attended more high dollar re-election fundraisers than every President since Nixon, combined

All the George Clooneys and Sarah Jessica Parkers of the world can't make up for the fact that Obama isn't working. His pathetic fundraising haul is proof that even Democrats get that.