A report by Buzzfeed this morning found that Colorado is among the top states in the nation where donations to Obama's campaign have drastically dropped since 2008. It seems Colorado Democrats just aren't that into Obama anymore.

Reports Buzzfeed:

As Mitt Romney's campaign fundraising gathers steam, boosted by huge contributions to allied groups, President Barack Obama is unexpectedly struggling to keep pace — and he may be having the hardest time in the mountainous west, where moderate Democrats have made deep inroads in recent years.  

As BuzzFeed reported last week, 88% of donors who gave $200 or more to Obama in 2008 have yet to give that amount to his campaign this cycle.  

A deeper analysis of campaign finance data shows that the west has seen an especially high level of drop off in Obama donors. Oregon topped the list with a 91% decrease in donors giving at least $200—the amount required for contributions to be individually reported—and Colorado, Nevada, and Idaho were close behind. [Peak emphasis]

Those are some striking statistics. Buzzfeed even has a county-by-county breakdown of the liberal love lost:

The darkness of the shading represents the degree of donation drop-off. Looking at the pivotal Denver metro area, it's looking pretty grim. Particularly interesting is the degree of drop-off in the swingiest of swing counties — Jefferson and Arapahoe. If you can't win JeffCo, you can't win Colorado. 

At this point in the campaign, people vote with their wallets. By that measure, Obama is losing in a landslide. 

(Photo Credit: Buzzfeed)