On April 4, 2012, Colorado State House District 17 candidate Tony Exum announced his candidacy via a press release (see below). From the way it’s written, it seems that Mr. Exum thinks he’s already been elected. Can you find the flaw in the writing?  

For those who are not eating, living, sleeping and breathing politics, one doesn’t usually use the affiliation and location designation until after being elected.

This is a pretty bold statement from someone running as a Democrat in Colorado Springs, especially after having lost an election in the area already last year when he ran for Colorado Springs City Council At-Large.

We have to give the guy credit for staking his claim, despite the fact that it’s pretty presumptuous. As he did in the last election, we bet he’ll dismiss the error as the mistake of a political neophyte.  Remember, Mr. Exum, that only works once in an election, so choose wisely.