Colorado Democrats have long bucked the national party when it comes to financial disclosure of campaign contributions–after all, Stryker, Gill et al practically invented SuperPACs. But now it appears Democrat members of Colorado's congressional delegation don't care much for their own financial disclosures either.

According to LegiStorm, Sen. Mark Udall and Reps. Ed Perlmutter and Jared Polis were among 92 members of Congress who requested extensions on their personal financial disclosures (PFDs).

Although there is nothing inherently unethical in requesting the 90 day extension, it is odd to see Polis and Perlmutter among the 3 (of 5) Colorado Democrats to request extensions. As you may recall Polis is at the center of a national scandal involving insider-trading by members of Congress. Ironically PFDs are aimed at preventing things such as, you know, insider-trading.

Perlmutter, for his part, is trying to play up his blue-collar image–but may have finally met the one opponent who can take him to task on the airwaves for his hypocrisy–a ride likely to be shortened once he files his PFD.

It'll be fun for Republicans to see what “treasures” Polis' and Perlmutter's PFDs hold.