Last night a reader sent us an article from The Washington Post that started a womanhunt, if you will, for the infamous Julia. The article noted that Julia was nowhere to be found on Obama’s web site. Between the time The Washington Post uploaded that blog post and today, Julia has miraculously been found after mountains of criticism.  

When Obama and his campaign team dreamed up “The Life of Julia”, we’re pretty sure that they were all high-fiving one another in the brainstorming session for coming up with such an “ingenious” infographic. We’re also pretty sure that room was filled with men.  

The backlash against Obama’s view of women’s dependency on the federal government has been palpable. The criticism ranged from Twitter comments such as “that chick who depends on everyone else for everything” to Kelly Maher’s own rendition, “The REAL Life of Julia."  

The Daily Caller even did a round up of the Top 10 Tweets mocking the Life of Julia theme. 

With the critical role that women will play in this election, it was surprising to see the Obama camp get their outreach to women so very wrong. In fact, Washington Post blogger Patricia Murphy, nailed the sentiment in this wrap-up paragraph to her “She the People” post:

“Single women across the country are worried that Julia may have been dumped by the side of the road by members of the Obama campaign once it became clear that female voters are not all that interested in hearing the government promise to solve all their problems, instead of hearing women get credit for creating their own opportunities, which they do every day.”

Even worse than Obama’s messaging team totally missing the mark was what it revealed about the paternalistic way that Obama and liberals view the role of government and the abilities of women. Today, women make up the majority of people receiving bachelors degrees – by leaps and bounds. And, women are comprising more and more of the workforce.  Check out the helpful infographic from NPR below.    

Of course, the worst part of this entire “Julia” episode, as Murphy points out, is that Team Obama never came to her defense. And, then, buckled under criticism and re-posted without any explanation.    

As much as Obama and his minions pontificate on how their opponents don’t understand the middle class, the truth is that they don’t understand the middle class. Oh, they certainly understand the upper class as they drink champagne with hedge fund managers and celebrities in the White House. And, they definitely understand trading votes for government subsistence. But, they don’t understand people who are striving to carve out a better life for their children than they have had.  

And, they surely don’t get women and the pride women feel in singular achievement.