Fox31's Eli Stokols has a brutal story on state rep and CD6 candidate Joe Miklosi's bragging about legislative accomplishments not of his own doing. Much like Al Gore claimed credit for "inventing the internet" through his work in Congress, Rep. Miklosi (D-Denver) is trying to pat himself on the back for the work of others.

Reports Eli Stokols:

Miklosi, a Denver Democrat finishing his second term in the statehouse, appears to be taking credit for legislative accomplishments he really had little to do with.

On his campaign website’s “Accomplishments” page, Miklosi lists several pieces of legislation that lawmakers passed last year — even though he didn’t do the heavy lifting on most of them.

….The first item listed under Miklosi’s “Accomplishments”, “OED Small Business Navigator”, aimed to help businesses grow by cutting red tape and was sponsored by Rep. Matt Jones, D-Boulder.

All Miklosi did was vote yes, along with all but one of his House colleagues, as the bill passed 64-1.

Stokols compares Miklosi's falsifying of his resume to CU regent candidate Matt Arnold who has lied about having a Masters degree, and you can see how well that has worked out for Arnold in the last couple of weeks. 

Either way — Matt Arnold or Al Gore — it's not a winning political strategy to take credit for things you haven't accomplished. 

Then again, as Miklosi became famous for trying to pass a bill that protects motorcycle gangs from discrimination this past session and became the laughing stock of the Capitol for it, it's no wonder he has to lie about his accomplishments to have any to list.

(Photo Credit: Colorado News Agency)