Governor Hickenlooper has popped his head out of his hidey hole to take a position on the move by Metro State to provide discounted tuition for illegal immigrants, opposing the unilateral move by the college, yet saying he understood the need for it.

Per Colorado Public Radio:

Reporter: In a carefully worded statement, Governor John Hickenlooper said he appreciates the motive behind Metro’s decision, but that he also respects the Attorney General’s opinion. He said it would be better not to proceed institution by institution, but to pass legislation at the state and federal level. [Peak emphasis]

Is anyone out there? Did other members of the press get this "carefully worded statement"? The Governor has now waded into the issue on the side of Republicans and Attorney General Suthers, opposing Metro State's move.

It's a controversial issue, which makes it all the more notable that Governor Hickenlooper stood up and said no. When Democrats and liberals inevitably call Republicans racists for opposing Metro State's move, just remember, our Democrat Governor also stood in opposition.