Secretary of State Scott Gessler is a lucky man. It seems every time his opponents attack him for one issue or another they end up self-imploding along the way. In that spirit, here are four examples of Gessler's opponents making fools of themselves in their attempts to attack him… 

1. Rick Palacio's "Recall": In a move that The Denver Post editorial board said threatened to "erode [Democrats'] credibility" Democratic Party Chairman Rick Palacio announced a campaign to recall Scott Gessler from office. Then Palacio proceeded to doing basically nothing, only further embarrassing himself. The "Remove Scott Gessler From Office" Facebook page currently has 53 likes, up two from April. Considering Palacio would need about 500,000 signatures to get the recall, it's safe to say it's not going to happen.


2. Debra Johnson's "Inactive Memory": Denver's Clerk and Recorder Debra Johnson should actually get two spots on this list. One for grandstanding over mailing inactive voters in 2011, only to have Complete Colorado find she didn't even bother trying to mail inactive voters in Aurora in 2007. The second for her embarrassing backpedal yesterday, where she accused Scott Gessler of "voter suppression, plain and simple" only to quietly delete that allegation from her statement online. 


3. Gilbert Ortiz's "Leon Lett" Moment: Pueblo's Clerk and Recorder tried to get his moment in the MSNBC sun after watching Johnson get some TV time with Rachel Maddow over the inactive voter issue in 2011. Colorado Pols proclaimed Ortiz "lionized" by the left-wing channel, which probably went to Ortiz's head. He apparently was so giddy to get some attention again that he blasted out a press release claiming 4,870 inactive voters had returned ballots in 2011. The real number was 1,791. Then during the 2012 primary Ortiz was found to have double mailed some ballots. What's that saying about not counting your chickens before they hatch? Doesn't it imply someone knows how to count?


4. Matt Inzeo's "Delayed Registration": Media Trackers Colorado found that Colorado Democratic Party Communications Director didn't register to vote until working for the state party for a year. He registered so late in fact he wasn't eligible to vote for Barack Obama in the March 7 precinct caucuses, nor could he legally sign the Gessler recall petition when state party announced their campaign on March 28. We wonder if Inzeo had a straight face when blasting Gessler over voter registration issues when he wasn't even registered to vote himself