What a difference four years of poor leadership makes. Bloomberg reports today that the Democratic National Committee has canceled its kick-off event at the Charlotte Motor Speedway, and shortened the convention from four days to just three due to an amazing $26.6 million fundraising shortfall.  

This is a far cry from the $61 million the 2008 host committee, which included recent Coffman defector Steve Farber, was able to raise. According to a 2008 article from the Denver Business Journal, the $61 million was far above the host committee’s original agreement to raise $40 million.

The Denver Business Journal article cited an Federal Election Commission report that showed the committee paid $14.1 million for construction costs, including stage and lighting, at the Pepsi Center and $5.3 million at Invesco Field. The Obama campaign came under fire for its over-the-top convention set, which included “…spectacular columns, concert lighting, JumboTrons and rising royal blue circular stairs”, dubbed Barackopolis for its soaring Greek columns.    

CNN’s Candy Crowley defended the gaudy display, writing, “Obama wanted the night to have an Everyman feel.”  

Well, Ms. Crowley, it looks like Obama finally got his wish for an Everyman feel. With a shortage of cash for the Democratic Convention, now he knows how we all feel in Obama’s economy.

(Photo Credit: CNN)